With your own private Chef


There is a fantastic opportunity to have fine dinning experience at home with your own professional Qualified Chef as well as the opportunity to learn cooking in the comfort of your own home within the Henley-On-Thames and surrounding area.  I help organise your stress- free home parties, by organsing from prep, to cooking and presentation, be it Thai, Indian or Mixed Tapas, Cocktail menu, Gourmet sit down. Everything can be organise whilst you enjoy the peace and entertain your guests, knowing the food and kitchen is been taken care by reliable and professionals.


Experience and explore the areas of cooking which you have never experienced and want to surprise yourself and perhaps your friends.

Perfect idea for the parties for friends and family with my Finest Gourmet sit down Asian Menus.


Understand the whole concept and education of food and how simple it can be to make a healthier and positive difference to your life by making simple and small changes. The only thing that is stopping you is YOU.

I am a fully Qualified Chef and Nutritionist with over 16 years experience in the International Hotels and Spa Resorts. I specialised in Authentic Indian, Malaysian,Thai home cooking and Super Food, Vegan & Vegetarian, Dumpling classes, Sushi Making Cooking).


Contact us for party menus and home cooking to impress family and friends or perhaps to learn the art of various cooking in a very simplified manner,


Please contact me for more details and to book your Event or Cooking Class.

Dinner Party
Festive Party
Outside Dinner

Create The Perfect Event with your own Personal, Professional
Private Chef -Ravi

Hire Your Own Private Chef For:-

  • Private party

  • Home cooked Take Away food

  • Home parties and special functions

  • Cooking classes- Private and group

  • Vegan, Vegetarian & Superfood Classes

  • Cocktail parties

  • Want to Wow your friends with cooking skills.

  • Want to have quality time with friends and family

  • Experience good food with quality Nutrition

  • Grocery shopping, prep work and kitchen being looked after

  • Have the experience, while save time, worry and stress.

  • Delicious Home cooked with healthy fats and not additives.

  • Cooking organic and local produce


Please contact me for more details and discuss your personal requirements as things can be customised with client’s needs and dietary requirements. I am flexible and there is never any compromise with the quality of service and nutrition and quality of food.

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