Fix my Hormones

Fix my Hormones

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WEEK-1, 2 & 3


  • Initial consultation for 60 minutes- Live chats through Skype or Face time.
  • Ravi’s Welcome pack will be provided- Wealth of healthy tips and guidance
  • Complete nutritional Analysis-Assessment of nutritional need, by evaluating minerals and vitamin need and what food to eat or not?
  • Weekly email support-Correspondence through email
  • Customized Meal plan - Which will give you support to organize your meal as per the programme
  • Advice Sheet - Will Target Menopause- A positive solution and the Nutritional connection
  • Discuss PMS, PCOS etc. if required.
  • Information about particular issue and few additional information and research attached
  • Session Record sheet-record of all the action points discussed and works on how to achieve the targets.
  • Supplement Programme - Initial advice on Herbal and holistic supplements
  • Additional resources- Grocery and shopping advice
  • Great Emphasis on Blood group Diet- Information will be provided.


WEEK 4 & 5


  • Follow up of the Initial consultation and evaluate through Skype/Face Time- 40 minutes.
  • Assess the Record sheet from past 3 weeks and evaluate the progress.
  • Week 4 & 5 customized meal plans will be provided.
  • Weekly Email support.
  • Discuss about Skin, Hair and Nail health
  • Revised-New Supplement programme
  • Set new Targets and goals for Coming weeks.




  • 2nd Follow up Consultation- Live Skype/Face Time- 40 minutes.
  • Evaluate the progress for the past 5 weeks and set goals and target for Future.
  • Talk about the changes and benefits and food habits
  • Customized meal plans will be provided - Week 6
  • Weekly Email support.
  • Target Bone Health.
  • Revised - New Supplement programme
  • New Research and newsletter and recipes will be provided in the future- being a part of the whole package. 


  • Fix My Hormones

    This Program is life changing and available in the comfort of your own home through Skype/ Face Time. These Packages are personally designed by me through lot of reserach, feedback and results from various clients- issues like IBS, Hormone, Energy, Diet, Menus, Anti ageing which are all part of these packages. Fix My Hormones works on balancing and harmonising your hormones naturally through diet and nutrition. Just following my program can help have a big impact on the way you feel and live your life and can help to get your hormonal health back into balance again.


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