20:20-Detox Programe

20:20-Detox Programe

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  • Initial consultation for 45 minutes to an hour- Live chats through Skype or Face time.
  • Ravi’s Welcome pack will be provided- Wealth of healthy tips and guidance
  • Complete nutritional Analysis-Assessment of nutritional need, by evaluating minerals and vitamin need and what food to eat or not?
  • Weekly email support-Correspondence through email
  • Customized Meal plan- Which will give you support to organize your meal as per the programme
  • Advice Sheet-On Detox, Spirulina, Chlorella, wheatgrass and Barley grass.
  • Emphasis on – Smoothie, Juice and Soup detox
  • Session Record sheet-record of all the action points discussed and works on how to achieve the targets.
  • Supplement Programme-Initial advice on Herbal and holistic supplements.
  • Discuss Raw Food and Fermented food-in detail
  • Emphasis on Exercise.
  • Set new Targets and goals for the Coming weeks. 


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